About us

Gram Immobiliare boasts over three generations of experience in the construction industry, and that is why we oversee everything to do with the building
process, leaving nothing to chance.
We like to call ourselves craftsmen who, over time, have innovated in the face of growing needs in the field of building and construction.
Building in the mountains needs a strong specialisation, and for some years now we have decided to focus on the Val Susa and to become
leaders in our field in this territory. The Macondo in San Marco and the restoration of some ruins in Monfol are among our latest projects and sales. Our
satisfied clients are our best business card.

Building in the mountains

When building in the mountains, it is essential to know the territory and respect its traditions.
The mountains are a special environment that require an entirely different method of construction to that required on flat land.
The climate, slope, small spaces, impassable roads and the needs of our clients represent the challenge. W
We meet every need with the correct equipment and specialised personnel with years of experience in the building industry in the mountains.

Choice of materials and duration of project

In the mountains the weather greatly influences the stages of work, for example, during cold spells you need to keep an eye on temperatures so that the
materials used don’t lose their strength or aesthetic properties.

Correct equipment and specialised personnel

In the mountains it is not always possible to position a crane, perhaps because of lack of space adjacent to the building or just because you cannot access
the site because of the small size of the road. In these cases, it isn’t easy to build for example a roof with beams that have a significant size and weight.
Or, consider the assembly of scaffolding: very often we work on inclined planes and we need to anticipate specific solutions and the use of “special parts”.
The difficulties of supplying equipment and material in some particularly inaccessible areas obligates the construction company to have adequate resources
and personnel to deal with these types of situations.

Innovation and eco-sustainability

At Gram Immobiliare, we believe that the use of materials and innovative technologies are farsighted choices that help maintain the value of your project.
We build high-tech homes and real estate.
The challenge is to build the house of the future: durable and innovative, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, built with natural and partly renewable